AuPairWorld: La Guía Definitiva

AuPairworld: the Guide you need to use it as an au pair

Whether you are a family or a future Au Pair about to embark on a new adventure, this article will be your guide to getting the most out of your AuPairWorld profile.

AuPairWorld is an online platform that connects au pairs and families. In my opinion, AuPairWorld is currently one of the most reliable and reputable sites I know of. In fact, it is the website I used the first time I went to London as an au pair, and then when I moved to Ireland for another 6 months.

AuPairWorld is the place to go when looking for a family. Not only because it covers so many countries, but also because it has numerous pages with detailed information about salaries per country, contracts, experiences of other au pairs, etc.

AuPairWorld: Step by Step Tutorial

1- Sign Up

The first step to start the adventure of becoming an au pair or host family is to register on AuPairWorld.

The homepage has two different menus: one for au pairs and one for host families. Once you click on one of them, you will be given the option to register as an au pair or as a host family.

The information to fill in for both profiles is similar.

In the case of au pairs, they are usually based on the preferences of the au pair. In the case of a family, they are questions about where they live, number of children, if there is someone who smokes at home, if the family is a single-parent family, etc.

2- Create a profile

Once you have registered, the next step is to create your profile on AuPairWorld.

Your profile is made up of the following sections:

  • Dear family
  • About me
  • Reasons why you want to be Au Pair
  • Profile picture

Your profile will also contain information such as your search preferences, your language level, the number of applications received, response time, and date of last activity.

To create a good profile you should provide as much information as possible. Talk about your studies and previous experience, your expectations as an au pair, your language level, your hobbies.

3- Choosing the country

It is important that you know all the prerequisites for insurance, the most important regulations and AuPairWorld’s tips before deciding on a country.

Some countries have certain requirements, such as compulsory insurance or a residence permit. And some countries require certain formalities that you will have to complete with the help of an agency.

It is therefore important that, once you have decided on your destination, you consult all the information about the requirements in that country.

4- Finding a family

The next step is the search for the ideal family.

AuPairWorld provides families and au pairs with two (almost identical) tools for this purpose.


If you have already created a profile on AuPairWorld, Easyfind will show you families matching your search criteria. You can change the criteria as often as you like.

Quick Search

If you prefer not to change your criteria, but to search for host families from other countries or with other requirements, you can use the Quick Search.

5- Talking with the families in AuPairWorld

In the past, when contacting a host family (or au pair), AuPairWorld sent a generic message to which you could add further information.

That has changed, and now all messages you send must be personalised.

My advice is not to send applications in a mad rush. Take your time, read each profile carefully and see if it matches the type of family you are looking for.

If after reading the whole profile, you still think that the family meets your requirements, send them a message.

But don’t use a copy-and-paste message for all AuPairWorld families. Personalise it, make it your own. Tell them why you would like to be their new au pair, tell them a little about yourself, your expectations and invite them to read your complete profile.

Finding a family that meets your requirements can be a difficult task.

At the beginning you will talk to many families. Or, on the contrary, you may find that none of them meet your criteria or that there are only a few, depending on the time of year you have decided to start your au pair journey.

Don’t despair, the right family will always come along in the end.

After several rounds of questions, Skype interviews to get to know the family and the children, it’s time to lay your cards on the table and decide if you have found the right family.

*Host families need a premium subscription to be able to contact au pairs. Au pairs can do this for free.

6- Signing the contract

The last step is to draw up a contract, which will include everything that has been agreed upon between the au pair and the host family.

AuPairWorld has several contract templates (in different languages) that you can use. You or your host family can also draw up a contract in which you specify (at least) the following information

  • Details of the family (who is in the family, address, etc.)
  • Details of the au pair
    The au pair’s tasks (if there are several children, specify which ones the au pair will take care of).
  • Salary (and whether the host family provides language courses, a car for the au pair, health insurance, etc.).
  • Hours per week the au pair would work
    In case of overtime, what extra money the au pair would receive.


On the AuPairWorld website you can find a table with the different au pair salaries depending on the host country.

🗣 Experiences of other Au Pairs

One of the advantages AuPairWorld has over other au pair websites is the experience section. Both host families and au pairs can share their experiences.

I highly recommend you take a look at it.