Patio del Posadero, ¿el mejor desayuno de Córdoba?

Patio del Posadero, the best breakfast in Cordoba?

Breakfast is the boost that helps us to start the day with energy. With a view of the sea, accompanied by fruit, served on toast or in a hurry. Our favourite meal of the day can be savoured in different circumstances, but always, the one we like the most is usually written as being outside.

When we eat breakfast out it can only mean 3 things: it is our day off, we are travelling or it is a special day. There are those who have breakfast every day in cafés because their work allows it, but when we talk about having breakfast, we talk about having it well. Without rushing, being able to let the hours go by, having one more bite or having several coffees if the body asks for it.

It's said that the Patio del Posadero has the best breakfast in Cordoba.

This boutique hotel in Cordoba boasts the best breakfast in town. And I can only tell you that I wish I had it closer to enjoy it more often.

This special breakfast is never the same. Its authors create and elaborate it with great care. They play with organic and seasonal products, and always rely on local companies to offer the highest quality.

The breakfast I’ll tell you about below may not be the same as the one you enjoy if you go. But I’m absolutely sure you’ll leave as happy as I did.

Patio del Posadero, ¿el mejor desayuno de Córdoba?

Patio del Posadero: an experience to try in Cordoba

They are made up of a savoury and a sweet part.

First we were greeted with a natural orange, mandarin and ginger juice. We also had coffee and homemade kefir that they prepare themselves.

I had never tried kefir before. It is one of those trendy products in realfooding that you always have in your mind to try, but that moment takes a long time. I was pleasantly surprised. From what I understand they are usually quite acidic, but this particular one was not. Nor was it sweet. It was just right.

The coffee they serve isn’t usually the same either, as they vary the region every so often.

Soon after, the sweet dishes started to arrive: chocolate and oatmeal cookies (very good! 🍪) and cheesecake version. Instead of serving a traditional cheesecake, they opted to deconstruct it and create their own version.

Crumble, cream cheese, red fruit jam… 😋 You can imagine how the cheesecake was! I think the photo speaks for itself 👇

Patio del Posadero, ¿el mejor desayuno de Córdoba?

This breakfast is not the typical breakfast you would eat on a normal day. It’s hearty and needs to be savoured little by little. It is a breakfast to be enjoyed. Like those coffee moments with friends so representative in Swedish culture that is known under the word fika. Enjoying the little things in company.

Patio del Posadero, ¿el mejor desayuno de Córdoba?

At this point, my expectations were so high that I was unlikely to like the savoury part better than the sweet part, but it did. But it did, and it certainly did!

First a pumpkin quiche, and then the BEST PART OF BREAKFAST: Galician bread, local oils, tomatoes and Serrano ham. And you may be asking yourself “what’s so special about that?

Well, let’s see, is there anything better than starting the day with some tomato and ham toast in front of the fireplace? Obviously not.

OK, the day had already started a few hours ago and we had already eaten a little earlier, but it had all the elements to be perfect. Cherry tomatoes with oil and salt, ham from Los Pedroches and olive oil from Córdoba and Jaén.

To this day I remember it and my mouth is watering 🤤.

I hope this article has given you one more reason to get to know and visit Cordoba! 😊