Parque Alameda, Santiago de Compostela

Best hotels to stay in Santiago de Compostela

Are you going on a trip to Santiago de Compostela and you are looking for accommodation recommendations? In this article I show you what – in my opinion – are the best hotels in Santiago de Compostela.

Santiago is a small city that you can get around on foot and where everything is close by. The accommodations I have selected are very well located and all of them are great value for money. In general, most hotels tend to have very high ratings.

As a city known for its pilgrimage, you can find accommodation at a wide range of prices. Therefore, in this list you will find very cheap accommodation, as well as some slightly more expensive ones. Keep in mind that the price varies depending on the year.

Best hotels in Santiago de Compostela

Os Sobriños Do Pai

Located less than 200 metres from the Plaza del Obradoiro. All rooms have private bathrooms, free Wi-Fi and flat-screen TV. They are also spacious and have nice views of Santiago Cathedral.

  • Booking score: 9’3
  • Price: from 80€/night

Parador- Hostal Dos Reis Católicos

Hostal Do Reis Católicos is a historic building from the 15th century located next to Santiago de Compostela Cathedral. Built with stone arches, vaulted ceilings and unique views of the city, it is considered one of the best hotels to stay in Santiago de Compostela.

It also has two restaurants where you can taste Galician gastronomy. Before being transformed into the Hostal Do Reis Católicos, the building was a pilgrims’ hospital. In fact, you can book a guided tour to explore the hotel and learn more about its history.

  • Booking score: 9’2
  • Price: from 150€/night

Catedral Suites, AC Palacio del Carmen

The hotel, which occupies a former convent, is located very close to the Plaza del Obradoiro, where the famous Cathedral of Santiago is situated. It has gardens, a terrace and a gym. An indoor saltwater swimming pool is also available for guests.

Catedral Suites, AC Palacio del Carmen is one of the best options to stay in Santiago de Compostela.

  • Booking Score: 9
  • Price: from 100€/night

Hotel San Miguel

This hotel is located in an old building, next to the Church of San Miguel dos Agros, right in the centre of Santiago de Compostela. The rooms have en suite bathrooms and views of the many emblematic buildings in the historic centre, such as the San Martín Pinario Monastery. It also has a small Feng Shui garden on its premises.

  • Booking score: 9’4
  • Price: from 105€/night

Hostal Mapoula

It is located a few metres from Plaza Galicia, in the historic centre of Santiago de Compostela. The hostel has 24-hour reception, free Wi-Fi and cosy rooms. You can complete your stay with a good breakfast for an extra €6 per day.

If you are looking for a cheap, well located and quality accommodation, this is it.

  • Booking score: 9’2
  • Price: from 32€/night

Hospedería San Martín Pinario


It is an old monastery converted into a guest house located in the Plaza de la Inmaculada, very close to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. It is well known for its services among pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago. It has 24-hour reception, serves buffet breakfasts and packed lunches. In addition, all rooms have heating and private bathroom.

  • Booking score: 8.8
  • Price: from 63€/night

Deniké Hostal Grupo Atalaia

It is one of the most sought-after accommodation in Santiago de Compostela. It is located just 3 minutes’ walk from the cathedral, in a restored building on a pedestrian street. All rooms have private bathrooms and heating. There is also a cafeteria and laundry service.

  • Booking rating: 9’3
  • Price: from 94€/night

Pensión Fonseca

Pensión Fonseca is located right next to Santiago de Compostela Cathedral, in the historic centre, and a 10-minute walk from Plaza Galicia Square. All rooms are equipped with a balcony, wardrobe and flat-screen TV. The only drawback of this accommodation is that the bathroom is shared.

  • Booking rating: 9’5
  • Price: from 30€/night