4 Lugares donde comer en Hamburgo

Where to eat in Hamburg: Top 4 restaurants!

Travel and gastronomy go hand in hand. In Hamburg you will be able to enjoy the gastronomy while visiting the most characteristic places in the city. For this reason, I’ve put together an article with the best places to eat in Hamburg.

If you are still planning your trip, this article on what to see in Hamburg will be great for you.

🍴 Restaurants to eat in Hamburg

Street stalls with Currywurst are fine for a non-stop day of sightseeing. However, we also need our time to relax and enjoy a good gastronomic moment. Here are a few suggestions 😉.

📍Vlet Speicherstad restaurant

As its name suggests, it is located in the Speicherstadt district. With a modern design, the restaurant attracts us with its views of the canals. It stands out for combining traditional and avant-garde food.

Its dishes are a pure explosion of flavour.

Our menu was Elphi-Special, consisting of three courses and a cocktail:

  • For starters: smoked sturgeon fillet with caviar, onion cream and pancakes.
  • Second course: braised beef, accompanied by mashed potatoes with yellow beetroot and herring with cucumber caviar.
  • For dessert: the Scandinavian girl; a dish consisting of chopped apple with ice cream and white chocolate.

📍 Location: Am Sandtorkai 23-24, 20457 Hamburg

💸  Price: The price of the menu is €59 per person.

🍴 Menu: They have several menus available on their website. You can consult the English version of Vlet at Speicherstadt by clicking on the name.

⭐  Review: I recommend it 100%! If you are afraid of trying new flavours or modern recipes, I assure you that this place will make you nip those fears in the bud.

📍 Better Burguer Company

They say that a good dish should be made with love. And that value is followed to the letter at Better Burger Company.

According to their story, after years of searching to create the best burger in town (and in the world), they have found the key. I have to admit, the burgers are to die for. Every ingredient is fresh and selected with care.

📍 Location: Rosenstraße, 20095 Hamburg, Alemania

💸  Price: The price varies depending on the menu, but ranges from €6’90 to €10’90.

🍴 Menu: They have three different menus:

  • Hamburger only
  • Burger, fries and homemade lemonade.
  • Hamburger, fries and drink.

*On any of the menus you can choose between three types of burgers (beef, chicken and vegetarian) and select up to 5 toppings.

⭐  Review: It is in a privileged location, right in the centre of the city. It has a small terrace in summer where you can eat outside and relax. The burgers are delicious. You can really taste the quality and freshness of each of the ingredients. And the price of the menus is cheap for the average price in the city.

📍 Bona’me

It’s a peculiar place. Its name comes from Kurdish and means our house.

When you enter you are given a card that you have to use when ordering. The place is made up of different food pavilions, where you can order what you want and pay for it at the end. Its star dish is the pide.

📍 Location: Burchardstraße 17, 20095 Hamburg, Alemania

💸  Price: The average price of a menu can cost you around 15- 20€.

⭐  ReviewYou have to try it! Although they have a menu in English, the names of the dishes are in Turkish (or Kurdish). But you can always gossip on Instagram about the dishes, which is how I discovered it.

📍 Kostbar

It’s a small café located in Sternschanze. It was our first destination when we first landed in Hamburg. It’s not a great place, but the food is good and the average price is affordable.

📍 Location: Susannenstraße 36, 20357 Hamburg, Alemania

💸  Price: The average menu price is 15€.

🍴 Menu: You can find salads, meat, different pasta dishes and paninis.

⭐  Review: Not the first place I would visit in Hamburg. However, both the price and the food are good value for money.

Other places to eat in Hamburg

There were several places in the city that I couldn’t visit due to lack of time, but they were on my list:

  • Flamm Hus
  • Roncalli Grand Café
  • Otto’s Burguer
  • Her Maxx