Bibury, Inglaterra

Bibury, the prettiest village in England

Bibury is a small Cotswolds village whose street is considered one of the most beautiful in England. Under the name of Arlington Row hides one of the most beautiful postcards of the English countryside.

📍How to get to Bibury

The only way to get to Bibury by public transport without a transfer is from Northleach. Bus 855 runs this route.

If you are travelling by car, I recommend parking on Arlington Row. Parking is easy to find on Arlington Row.

🗺 Things to do in Bibury

Bibury is said to be one of the prettiest villages in England, and for this reason it is also one of the most touristy in the Cotswolds. In fact, along with Castle Combe, it was one of the few villages where we weren’t the only tourists.

For me, Bibury is not the prettiest in the Cotswolds. It is beautiful, yes. Is its street one of the prettiest I’ve ever seen? It is too. But only that street. The rest of the village has nothing to envy from the likes of Cirencester, Bourton-on-the-water or Chipping Camden.

These are the three places you shouldn’t miss in Bibury 👇

Arlington Row

Arlington Row is – or so they say – the most beautiful street in England. It’s true that anyone would want to lean out of the window and stare out at the view. But I still have too many places to visit in England for me to say that Arlington Row is England’s most beautiful street.

This unique street is usually full of tourists, so I advise you to get up early or be patient! When we decided to visit Bibury it was a bit unexpected. We had it for a couple of days later, but we changed our minds and decided to visit it the same day.

Bibury, Inglaterra
Bibury, Inglaterra
Bibury, Inglaterra
Bibury, Inglaterra

St Mary’s Chruch

This is the church of Bibury. It is very similar to most of the English churches you find in the English countryside, but it is nice to see.

Bibury, Inglaterra

The Square

It is a small square surrounded by cottages and with a red cabin. We arrived here by chance, as my fear of not finding parking anywhere made us leave our car parked here.

Bibury, Inglaterra

🍴Where to eat in  Bibury

If I had to choose one place to eat in Bibury it would be The Swan. I had it pencilled in from the start of my preparations for the Cotswolds trip, but never got round to going. It has good reviews, an ideal location and a reasonable price.

🛌 Where to stay in Bibury

Bibury would be one of the villages I would stay in if I returned to the Cotswolds. Although if you have the same in mind, I’d recommend booking in advance. There is only one hotel in Bibury: The Swan.