Visitar Granada GRATIS: ¡10 lugares que ver!

10 FREE things to do and see in Granada, Spain

Granada is a very cheap city to travel to. Accommodation is usually cheap and you can eat for little money (their famous tapas come free with your drink 😜). In addition to the above, some of the places in the city open their doors for free. Therefore, in this article I have compiled a list of all the places to visit for free in Granada.

10 free things to do in Granada

📍 Free tour

Free tours are the best way to explore a city with a guide. They will tell you anecdotes and curious stories about the city, and help you get a first impression of Granada.

📍 Granada Viewpoints

Seeing the city or the Alhambra from any of its viewpoints is a must if you travel to Granada. And if you live there, even more so. The Mirador de San Nicolás, the Mirador de Carvajales or the Mirador de San Miguel Alto are some of the best viewpoints in the city.

📍 Cathedral of Granada

Did you know that you can visit Granada Cathedral for free? It is only possible to do so on Sundays, from 3pm to 5:45pm after booking on this website.

📍 Albaicín Neighbourhood

The Albaicín is by far the most beautiful quarter of Granada. Its cobbled narrow streets, its numerous viewpoints and the art in its streets make it a very special place.

📍 Calle Elvira and Arch of Elvira

This is one of the best known streets in Granada for its various tea shops. It runs parallel to Gran Vía, starting at Plaza del Triunfo – where the Elvira Arch is located – and ends at Plaza Nueva.

📍 Paseo de los tristes

And speaking of special places, we cannot leave out the famous Paseo de los Tristes, which takes us to the previous neighbourhood. From here you can enjoy a view of the Alhambra overlooking the Alhambra in Granada.

Not even Supersubmarina was able to succumb to its charms.

📍 Royal Chapel

The remains of the Catholic Monarchs rest in the Royal Chapel of Granada. It can be visited free of charge on Wednesdays from 14:30 to 18:30 by booking in advance on this website.

📍 Silla del Moro

Open free of charge every weekend.

Legend has it that this was the viewpoint where Boabdil, the last sultan of the Alhambra, fled before going into exile.

📍 Plaza Bib-rambla, Reyes Católicos, Plaza de las Pasiegas, Gran Vía y Avenida de la Constitución

These are some of the most beautiful and central streets in Granada.

In Gran Vía, you will find one of the most emblematic ice-cream parlours in Granada, Los Italianos. It joins Calle Reyes Católicos at Plaza Isabel La Católica. At the other end of Gran Vía, Avenida de la Constitución begins. This is the site of the Jardines del Triunfo and the Fray Leopoldo de Alpandeire Museum, which is free to visit.

Plaza Bib-rambla is one of the most charming corners of Granada. It has numerous restaurants, and is often the scene of book fairs, Christmas markets and street performances.

The Plaza de las Pasiegas is the site of Granada Cathedral. From here you get a beautiful view of the city.

📍 Federico García Lorca park and his house-museum

The García Lorca Park is one of the green hearts of the city of Granada. Perfect for a stroll at any time of the year, and to discover more about the Granada writer Federico García Lorca.

In this park you will find the Huerta de San Vicente, a house-museum dedicated to the author. Admission is free on Tuesdays, except on public holidays.