Host Café: la cafetería dentro de una iglesia en Londres

Host Café, the coffee shop inside a church in London

Did you know that in the heart of London there is a coffee shop located inside a church? Stay to read the article and find out where it is!

☕ Host Café: a quirky coffee shop

Even if churches are not part of my everyday life, I have a devotion to them when I travel. I love the architecture and history behind each one of them. I love to know how masses are celebrated there or just to be able to see the inside of them.

If you have travelled around the UK, you will have noticed that some churches and cathedrals have their own coffee shop. As a general rule, it is usually located in another room and there is a difference between the part dedicated to worship and the part dedicated to leisure/gastronomy.

However, the peculiarity of this cafeteria is that it is located right inside the church. Its tables are just a few steps away from the church pews and the altar. That’s what makes it such a different and curious café.

📍 Host Café location

The first time I visited Host Café was in 2018 during the month of November. I still remember how much I loved it on that first visit. When I moved to London more than a year ago now, I have visited it several times and I still love it as much or more than the first day.

Personally I think it is located in a strategic point of the city: The City of London. Whether you are a tourist visiting St Paul’s or the Sky Garden, or if you work in the area, you have an excuse to go and have a coffee here.

The downside, so to speak, is that it is not open during the weekend. So you’ll have to take advantage of a weekday on your trip to London to visit it.

The nearest tube stop is Mansion House. But Blackfriars, Monument, Bank or Cannon Street are just a few minutes walk away.

Host Café: la cafetería dentro de una iglesia en Londres