Cómo llegar a Derry desde Dublín

How to get to Derry from Dublin: by car, bus or train

Public transport in Ireland is not the best way to get around the island. However, for getting from city to city the connections are not too bad.

In this article I’ll tell you how to get to Derry from Dublin. When I made this trip, I did it by bus. But you also have the option of doing it by train; more comfortable and with a stop in Belfast.

Derry is the second largest city in Northern Ireland. It is a walled city, famous for its murals and the conflict between the UK and Ireland.

🚗 By car

🕠 Time: 30 minutes

💸 Price: 24€.

The distance between Dublin and Londonderry is just over three and a half hours. The journey by car costs €24.

To leave Dublin, you need to follow the N1 towards Belfast. Continue on the M1 motorway towards Derry. Here you will have to pay a toll. Take the first exit N33 Ardee. Continue on N2, then A5 until you reach Derry.

🚈 By train

🕠 Time: 5 hours

💸 Price: 31€

Trains are the second most comfortable and punctual option. Although the price is much more expensive than buses and you’ll have to change trains in Belfast.

In Ireland, Irish Rail operates throughout the country. So to travel from Dublin to Belfast, you will need to check the Irish Rail website. The journey costs €19 and takes approximately 2 hours.

To travel from Belfast to Derry, you will need to change trains. The website you should check is Translink. The journey takes 2 hours and costs £12.

🚌 By bus

🕠 Time: 4 hours

💸 Price: £20

🔁 Frequency: 8 buses per day

This is the least comfortable and cheapest form of public transport. Transport between Ireland and Northern Ireland is operated by Translink.

The bus is direct and takes about 4 hours to reach Derry. It costs around £20 each way. You can also pay in euros.

They offer student discounts and a reduced price if you buy the return trip together (£27).