Ivy Chelsea Garden restaurante en Londres

Ivy Chelsea Garden, one of the best English breakfasts in London?

You can’t travel to the UK and not end up having one of its famous Full English Breakfasts. This hearty breakfast is usually served in most establishments in the British capital. It consists of bacon, eggs – you usually get to choose how you want them – tomato and mushrooms, sausages and baked beans. Did you know that Fortnum & Mason were the ones who introduced this last product to the UK?

I have to admit that years ago I didn’t see myself having this for breakfast in the mornings, so used to my toast with tomato or oil and sugar in the mornings – yes, in Andalusia it is typical to eat bread with oil and sugar. But now I really enjoy being able to go somewhere and have a late breakfast of this size – you’re full for most of the rest of the day!

In fact, I even have a mental list of the best Full English breakfast places I’ve tried in the UK.

📍 Ivy Chelsea Garden location

Ivy is a chain of restaurants and each establishment has the name of the location it’s in added to it – Ivy + Chelsea. So this one I’m telling you about in the article is located in the famous Chelsea neighbourhood.

☕ Ivy Chelsea Garden prices and menu

For someone from Spain coming to the UK, paying 15 pounds for breakfast probably seems expensive when in some places we enjoy our coffee, orange juice and half a piece of toast for less than 4 euros. However, for the cost of things in London, the Ivy Chelsea Garden menu is well priced.

Depending on the time of day and day of the week you go, you’ll get a different menu. My recommendation is to try their breakfast. They serve it every day of the week from 8am to 11:15am (Monday to Friday), 10:45am (Saturday) and 9am to 10:45am on Sundays.

Whenever I go I always opt for the Full English Breakfast. I must admit that what I like most about this breakfast are the sausages, bacon and eggs. But in this place the tomato and mushrooms have such a rich touch that it is impossible to leave anything on the plate.

The menu also includes a selection of pastries, toast, eggs benedict – the famous soft-boiled eggs with hollandaise sauce and ham – omelettes and pancakes, among others. They also have a healthy section on their menu with yoghurts, fruit, granola, etc.

They also offer brunches on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank holidays from 11:00 to 15:45. You can check all their menus here.

Ivy Chelsea Garden Londres

🎄 Ivy Chelsea Garden at Christmas time

At Christmas, the whole city goes crazy with decorations. That’s why the month of December, even the end of November if you hurry, are the best time – if you like Christmas – to visit London.

Christmas lights, shop windows with impressive decorations, gingerbread biscuits and the spectacular Winter Wonderland fair that takes place every year in Hyde Park. That’s London at Christmas.

Ivy Chelsea Garden is one of those places where the outside decorations are beautiful at any time of the year, but we must admit that at Christmas time they do it especially well. Here are some of the decorations they’ve had in the past 👇

Icy Chelsea garden en navidad londres
Ivy Chelsea Garden Londres en navidad
Ivy Chelsea Garden Londres en navidad