Aprender inglés gratis online: herramientas para mejorar tu nivel

Learn English for free online: tools to improve your English level

You’ve been studying English for more than 10 years, but when faced with a situation where you needed to use the language, you got stuck.

99% of us have been there!

Now is the time to overcome it and improve your level in just a few steps. If you spend a little time every day, you will see a big change in your English in just one month.

You don’t need to move to London or Ireland to improve your English. You can do it in your own city and from home. Apart from these resources, I always recommend using an English book to improve that part of your English that you have been struggling with.

We start from the premise that to learn how to do something, practice is essential.

It’s no use devouring 20 books on grammar if you don’t do exercises or find a way to put the knowledge you’ve acquired into practice.

The way I recommend learning English, or any other language, is interactive learning. What does this mean? That at the same time as you are learning, you are putting your skills into practice.

Although the title talks about 8 tools for learning English, they are not listed in the article. The ideas are listed according to the type of resource they are.

🎯 Best tips on how to improve your English for free

It is important to know that these resources are aimed at helping you to function in an environment where English is the language spoken.

They are not resources that are designed to help you pass an exam or get a qualification. Of course, if your level of English is adequate, you should be able to pass these tests without any problems.

Change the language on your phone

Although it may seem silly, this helps you memorise certain words or actions. And the day will come when you won’t notice that the texts on your phone are written in English.

Get into an English series

This is my favourite way.

You learn English without even realising it. You start to understand the characters and soon, you’ll stop putting on subtitles because you’ll be able to understand almost everything.

Before going to bed, while having lunch or dinner you can change your usual channel for a series. Use Netflix or Amazon Prime to find the best English series for you! 

Turn on the radio to cook, clean or go for a walk

Any time is a good time to have English on in the background and get your ears used to the sound.

At first you won’t understand much. This is normal. You have to get used to the accent and the speed at which they speak.The apps to listen to the radio that I usually use are:

But I promise you that in a very short time you will see incredible results with all these tips and you will feel very proud of yourself for understanding almost everything.

Sing, but in English

Singing is a great way to practice your pronunciation in a fun way. You can also record yourself to analyse your pronunciation and see your progress over time.

Read a newspaper, a book or listen to an audio book

This is a technique that helps you a lot when it comes to writing and making sentences correctly. Above all, you will learn a lot of formal vocabulary which will make you look like an English know-it-all when you use it in front of your friends.

Some newspapers you can read online are:

🗣 Speaking in English: Places to find people to practice with

The best way to practise a language is to speak with a native speaker.

Depending on where you live, finding someone to practise the language you want to learn with (whether they are a native speaker or not) can be easier or harder. As a general rule, you usually speak half the time in your own language and half the time in the language you want to learn. In this case, English.

If you live in a city, Conversation Exchange is perfect for you. You can meet for a coffee, a beer, something fun or sightseeing.

And in case you prefer, or have no choice but to look for partners online, Italki is the best platform. Thanks to Italki, I’m still talking to people I met years ago when I was learning English.

📲 Mobile apps to learn English for free

There are many platforms for learning languages. From my point of view, these are the two best ones I have used.

  • Duolingo: This is a language learning app. You start from the most basic level and progressively advance. If you don’t remember to use it, that’s the end of the problem: it warns you when you haven’t used it for a few days!
  • Memrise: This application focuses exclusively on vocabulary. It allows you to sign up for courses depending on the level you want to learn or the specific vocabulary you need.

You can dedicate 10 or 15 minutes a day, while you are waiting, on the metro or on the bus, and they will make you learn without even realising it.

🎓 Free English lessons: from basic to advanced levels

Internet has opened up the world to us. Now we can learn anything we want by watching a video on Youtube or reading any article.

There are several websites you can use to improve your English. Most of them have online courses with exercises according to your level.