Tienda Lego en Londres

Lego Store in London: what’s it like inside?

Did you know that the world’s largest Lego shop is located in London? It’s located in Leicester Square and has two floors crammed with Lego figures of all kinds – you can even create your own personalised Lego!

In this article I show you what the London Lego shop looks like, where it’s located and how to get there. Ready for an adventure?

Inside the London Lego Store

As I’ve told you before, the London Lego shop is the largest in the world and is made up of two floors. This means that there is usually a queue to get in. But don’t worry, the wait is usually short!

The entrance itself will grab your attention. In the shop window there is always an item on display that you never expect. The last time I was there, it was Adidas shoes, made entirely out of Lego.

Just as you enter, you’ll find a red telephone box – the typical London phone box – on the right hand side, and on the left hand side a tube carriage, where you can sit and have your photo taken with a royal guard and Shakespeare himself. Remember, EVERYTHING IS MADE OF LEGO PIECES!

Tienda Lego en Londres

The tube carriage is named Leicester Square, paying homage to the location of the shop. And inside you can also see a number of train drivers. There is also a life-size Lego figure (the height of a child) in front of a map of the underground and in a kind of booth simulating a Lego YouTube channel.

Of course, Big Ben is a must-see here, with the Westminster Underground sign and its famous “Mind the gap” on the lift “platform”.

Upstairs, you’ll find even more figures of all shapes and sizes. From Harry Potter to Star Wars. On this floor there is a huge map with the most important places in London in the staircase area. There is also a TV where if you put a Lego box, you can see what the figure would look like in 3D.

But the best part is definitely being able to create your own personalised Lego piece – the kids will love it!

Tienda Lego Londres
Tienda Lego Londres

⏰ Opening hours of the Lego store in London

The Lego Store London is open 12 hours a day, from 10am to 10pm. With the exception of Sundays, when shops in the British capital have reduced opening hours.

Tienda Lego en Londres

📍 London Lego shop location

The Lego shop in London is located in the iconic Leicester Square, between Covent Garden and Piccadilly Circus. And right next to the famous M&M’s shop.

You can get to Leicester Square on the Northern line (black line) or to Piccadilly Circus on the Piccadilly line (dark blue line). You can also use the Victoria line (light blue line) to Green Park, which is a 10-minute walk from the London Lego shop.

Another option is to use a bus. These are the lines that stop in this area: 3, 6, 9, 11, 24, 77A, 139 and 453.

🎡  Visit LEGOLAND from London

Did you know that very close to London is LEGOLAND, a theme park dedicated to these famous colourful blocks? It is located in Windsor, where you can also find Windsor Castle, Queen Elizabeth II’s favourite castle.

You don’t have to be a child to want to enjoy something so unique! Who wouldn’t want to visit the main monuments of London, but in a Lego version? There are two main options to visit: you can either book a tour or go on your own.

If you decide to book a tour to LEGOLAND from London, you won’t have to worry about using public transport because the bus will pick you up in Victoria and drop you off there. The price is higher though.

You can also go on your own, buy a ticket to LEGOLAND Windsor and maybe take advantage of the day to see Windsor Castle or even spend the night here.

It should be noted that LEGOLAND is located just outside Windsor. From London, there is a bus – line 702 – that will take you from Victoria to near the park. I advise you to check bus fares and timetables before you decide on one option or the other. This will help you organise your trip 😊.