Visita Al Castillo De Lismore, Waterford (Irlanda)

Lismore Castle: Tourism in County Waterford, Ireland

Lismore is a town in County Waterford, Ireland. Its name is of Gaelic origin, meaning great garden. Its main tourist attraction is its castle, one of the most beautiful in Ireland in my opinion. You can also visit The Towers, the ruins of what used to be a great mansion.

🗺 What to see and Do in Lismore

🏰 Lismore Castle

Entry is only allowed into the gardens, although it is possible to sleep in the castle.

The castle is situated on the River Blackwater and occupies the site of the former Lismore Abbey. It is Gothic in style and was built in 1185 by King John. Throughout history it has passed through numerous owners (Walter Raleigh, Richard Boyle, and the 4th Duke of Devonshire).

The gardens are the only part of the castle open to the public. It is a pity not to have access to the interior of the castle itself because its architecture is one of the most impressive in all of Ireland.

Within the castle, there are two distinct gardens, although both are within the walls and occupy over 7 hectares. And it boasts of being the oldest cultivated garden in Ireland.

The planting has changed according to the tastes of the owners. However, the walls and terraces of the Upper Garden remain intact.

The Lower Garden was created in the 19th century for the 6th Duke of Devonshire. It is made up of meandering paths and it is said that the avenue within the garden is much older than the garden itself.

From the gardens there are beautiful views of Lismore Castle. For me, though, the best views are from the entrance road.

The castle now houses a modern art gallery, Lismore Castle Art, which hosts temporary exhibitions by international artists. For the creation of the Lower Garden, the Duke of Devonshire needed the help of his friend, the architect Joseph Paxton.
The garden is home to the Yew Tree Walk, where Edmund Spenser is said to have written The Faerie Queen.

🛌  Dormir en el castillo de Lismore

It is possible to rent the castle for a holiday with family or friends. Although the prices are not affordable for all budgets. Rather, it is only for one percent of the population.

The website where you can book this accommodation is Celtic Castles, for a modest 70,000€ for a week.

🌳 Ballysaggartmore Towers Walking Route

They are located 3 miles from the town of Lismore and can be reached by taking a 2km walk of the same name, The Towers.

Arthur Kiely-Ussher wanted to surprise his wife with the construction of a large mansion-castle. However, the construction of the towers and financial problems meant that construction could not go ahead.

Arthur had inherited an impressive amount of land. On his return home, after fighting in the Napoleonic Wars, he decided that his house was not too ostentatious for him.

And envy of his brother’s residence, Strancally Castle, prompted the construction of these towers.

These towers are said to be Ireland’s best-kept secret. In fact, even on Google Maps you won’t find any information on how to get there. To get there, take the R666 towards Fermoy from Lismore. The car park, which is a sort of public park, is 3.5 kilometres away.

Construction of the lighthouse began in 1848 and was completed in 1850. The sandstone for the buildings was quarried on the island itself.

During the tour, your guide will explain the history of its construction, give you detailed information about the lighthouse and show you what it looks like inside.