Malmesbury, the village with the smallest church in Britain

Malmesbury is one of the villages that escape the main tourist hub of the Cotswolds. It lies between Castle Combe and Tetbury, and I wouldn’t say it’s one of the prettiest villages in the Cotswolds.

📍How to get to Malmesbury

The only way to get to Malmesbury with a direct connection is from Swindon.

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🗺 Things to do in Malmesbury

Malmesbury is known for having the smallest working church in Britain. Here are the places not visit in Malmesbury 👇

Market lane, high st o Gloucester St

These are the most beautiful and main streets in Malmesbury. They are where most of the businesses in this English town are concentrated. In Gloucester Street, you will find Market Cross, and in Market Lane, the car park I mentioned before.


Abadía de Malmesbury

It is the main tourist attraction of the village and one of the most historic places in England. It dates back to the 7th century. It can be visited for free, and has a small café inside.


Museo Athelstan

Dedicated to the history of Malmesbury over the centuries. It also has temporary exhibitions.

The Old Bell Hotel

Claims to be the oldest in England and dates back to 1220.

Bremilhan Church

The smallest church in use in Britain. It has seating for only four and an altar. On the sixth Sunday of Easter the only mass held in this church each year.

🍴Where to eat in Malmesbury

This is where we stopped for lunch and a visit during our 10-day tour of the Cotswolds.

We opted for La Campagna Bar & Restaurant for proximity, but if you are looking for a local pub I recommend Michael’s Butchers, Bistro & Deli. It is a butcher’s shop, which doubles as a bar-cafeteria, and they have the best sausage in the UK, The Malmesbury King.

For a sweet or coffee, don’t miss The Summer Café. I had it written down when I started preparing the trip, but it was so crowded that we couldn’t enjoy the place.

🛌 Where to stay in Malmesbury

Old Bell Hotel is the favourite hotel for travellers to stay in Malmesbury. It is located in the town itself and has an 8’9 rating on Booking.