Mayfield Lavender Farm Surrey, campos de lavanda en Londres

Mayfield Lavender Farm – Surrey’s most famous lavender fields

Mayfield lavender farm are Surrey’s most famous lavender fields. Close to the city of London you can find several lavender fields located within an hour’s drive of the city and these are one of them.

In this article I tell you how to visit Mayfield lavender fields from London and the best time of the year to visit them!

📍 Mayfield lavender farm location

These lavender fields are located in the south of England, just over an hour from London. You can get there by public transport or by car.

If you choose to drive, there is parking available nearby. Otherwise, if you are coming from London by public transport, these are the best options for getting to Mayfield Lavender Fields:

  • Train from Victoria Station to West Croydon and from there take the 166 bus to Oaks Park, just outside the entrance to Mayfield Lavender farm.
  • Train from Victoria to Sutton. Take the S1 bus from Sutton to Banstead to Woolpack and then change to the 166 bus to Oaks Park.
  • Train from Victoria to Sutton or Cheam and from there take a taxi to Lavender field.

🚗 Parking at Mayfield lavender farm

The entrance to Mayfield Lavender includes parking, provided there is space. In our case, although it was quite crowded when we visited, we had no problem parking there.

There is also a sports club near this lavender farm where you can park, but you will have to pay for parking.

📅 Best time to visit Mayfield lavender farm

This place is only open for a couple of months of the year. The best months to visit Mayfield Lavender Farm are July and August, although June is also the best time to visit this beautiful lavender field.

💸 Price of Mayfield lavender farm

The entrance fee to Mayfield lavender farm is £4.5 per adult.

Useful information for visiting Mayfield lavender farm

  • Picnics are strictly forbidden.
  • There is an outdoor café where you can enjoy food and drink during your visit.
  • There is an annual photography competition if you are interested in taking part.
  • They have a stall where you can buy oils, soaps, lavender plants and much more during your visit.
  • On their website they also have a shop where you can see all the products they have available.
  • You can reserve areas of the lavender fields for private events.
Mayfield Lavender Farm telephone box

The lavender fields at Mayfield lavender farm

When we went it was late June, so the lavender flowers were not yet in full bloom.

It was my first time in the lavender fields, so I didn’t know 100% what to expect either. The only thing that surprised me was that I thought the plants would be much taller than they really were.

Our visit lasted about 2 hours, although it is true that the lavender field is small and can be visited in half an hour. During the tour there are several photo spots to get the best souvenir photo of your visit to Mayfield Lavender Farm.

There is a typical red telephone box in the middle of the lavender fields, as well as a tractor called Fergie that invites you to make a donation to The Royal Marsden. You can also tour the lavender fields by train for an extra £2.5 per person – tickets can be purchased in the shop or cafe.