Los pueblos más bonitos de Alsacia

The 9 most beautiful villages to visit in Alsace, France

This French region is the perfect candidate for your next road trip. Besides being located a short distance away, its villages seem to have come straight out of a fairytale, so why not discover which are the most beautiful villages in Alsace?

Route through the most beautiful villages of Alsace (France)

📍 Barr

You’ll hardly ever see this village included in guidebooks or blogs, but it stole my heart. So much so that I went back two or three times during my trip.

I admit it’s not the prettiest, but it has an unbeatable charm. Its main streets are beautiful, cobbled and colourful. Besides, there are no tourists in its streets. 

If you want to find out more about this French village, here you have more info.

📍 Eguisheim

Many agree that Eguisheim is the most beautiful village in Alsace. In fact, Disney was inspired by it to create the village of “Beauty and the Beast”.

Its beauty is indisputable. It is one of those idyllic places that you can’t stop photographing, and from which you don’t want to leave, even if you have crossed the same street 20 times.

The structure of the village is circular, almost labyrinthine. What’s more, the most beautiful – and Instagrammable – corner of Eguisheim is Le Pigeonnier, and I’m sure you won’t be able to resist taking a souvenir photo home with you either! 😉

PS: DO NOT climb the stairs. It is strictly forbidden.

📍 Riquewihr

Riquewihr is always at the top of the list of the “most beautiful villages in Alsace” rakings. And no wonder. Its streets are some of the most picturesque in Alsace.

Riquewihr, like most Alsatian villages, is walled. Its main street, Rue du Général de Gaulle, runs from one end of the village to the other. It starts at the old watchtower and ends at the Hotel de Ville (town hall).

From this main street, you can wander through the village following the various branches of narrow streets without getting lost. They all lead back to the main street.

Although I assure you, deep down, you’ll want to stay lost there forever 😍.

📍 Ribeauvillé

This village will take your breath away. Well, to be honest, the whole of Alsace will take your breath away.

Besides, if you travel at Christmas time – and you don’t have a Grinch spirit – you’ll enjoy it like a little child and live a real Christmas fairytale. I even cried with emotion with so many decorations, beautiful streets and Alsatian traditions!

Ribeauvillé always tops the lists of the most beautiful villages in Alsace. And I suppose there’s a reason for that….

It is one of the largest villages in the area. Its main street is one of the widest and any corner is a good place to take out your camera and put your best smile on your face.

During the Christmas season, they organise a medieval Christmas market, a must for anyone travelling around this time of year! If you want to take a look at the market, here is my article about the Ribeauvillé Medieval Market.


Kayserberg is another village that can’t be missing in any list of most beautiful villages in Alsace: it is crossed by the Weiss river, has a castle and its streets also look like something out of a Disney fairytale.

In 2017, it was voted the favourite village of the French – will it become yours too? 🤔

📍 Colmar

Colmar is the most famous place in Alsace. Although more than a village, it is almost a small town. It claims to be the epicentre of Alsace and is usually the base for most tourists who decide to visit this part of France.

Colmar is the place to be on any trip. Even if you’re just a day trip to Alsace, Colmar should be on your list. Petite Venice or Rue de Marchands are two of the most charming and photographed corners of Colmar.

📍 Bergheim

Bergheim was my first destination. The first village I visited in Alsace. And one of the ones that would be at the top of my list of the most beautiful villages in Alsace.

The day I visited Bergheim it was raining, it was windy, it was cold. But what did I expect to find there in the middle of December?

Nevertheless, I enjoyed it. Bergheim is a small village and the houses are very colourful. Some of them are even so brightly decorated that you won’t be able to resist taking a photo in them. And if not… just look at me.

At Christmas, it has its own Christmas market. A simple and small market, with typical food of the region such as Mannalas – do they remind anyone else of Coca de Patata? – and craft stalls.

📍 Saint Hyppolite

Its main street is one of the most beautiful in the region. Like the rest of the villages that make up Alsace, it is small and quick to see.

It is located between Selestat and Bergheim, and very close to the Castle of Haut-Koenigsbourg.

📍 Seléstat

I must admit that Selestat is not the most beautiful village in Alsace. It’s cute, it’s charming, but it’s not the prettiest.

Selestat is one of the largest villages in the region. So visiting it will take you much longer than other villages. It has wider streets, a greater number of events, shops and gastronomic offer.

At Christmas, it is pure magic.

Its Christmas market is divided into several sections throughout the city. There is a skating rink in one of these areas, craft markets and food stalls.

In addition, Selestat hosts a number of Christmas-themed events that will delight you like a child if you like this time of year.

Extra bonus: other places to visit at Christmas in Alsace

In this article of the most beautiful villages in Alsace, I didn’t want to leave out any of the ones that captivated me during my trip to this region of France.

Therefore, I have added these three villages that look amazing at Christmas, and you MUST VISIT THEM. But which – in my opinion – are not the most beautiful villages in Alsace.

📍 Obernai

After Strasbourg, Obernai is the most visited town on the lower Rhine. And it is considered one of the most beautiful villages in Alsace, although for me it would not be one of the prettiest in the area.

At Christmas, its Christmas market adds a magical touch to Obernai. Music, stalls where you can try typical Alsatian food and a lively atmosphere. And did you know that Father Christmas has a little house here?

The day we visited him, he was answering some letters.

📍 Turckheim

Like Obernai, there will be lists that include it as one of the most beautiful. However, if I had little time in Alsace, it would be one of the first villages I would skip.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved Turckheim. I cried with emotion the second day I visited.

Yes, I know what you’re wondering. If I don’t consider it a must-see, why did I visit it twice on the same trip?

In the month of December, an event takes place in Turckheim where every day at 5 pm, children open a window of the advent calendar. It is a magical moment, where the spirit of Christmas mingles with the children’s excitement.

The village itself is not very attractive, other than its colourful half-timbered houses. But if you have time, I recommend you visit around 4 – 4:30 in the afternoon to see the spectacle.

📍 Mulhouse

ts Christmas market is impressive. Mulhouse as a town didn’t give me anything special, but its market turned out to be the most beautiful of all. The Ferris wheel, the lights illuminating the temple of St. Stephen, the stalls of handicrafts and typical products (and not so typical like churros… ).

I 100% recommend you to visit it if you travel to Alsace at Christmas time!

PS: If you are looking for new destinations that also seem to be taken from a fairy tale (or have an infinite beauty), I recommend a route through Cinque Terre or Majorca. You won’t regret it! 😏

Even after visiting the villages more than once, writing the article and looking at the pictures again, I can’t decide which one is the most beautiful. Maybe that’s a good reason to come back to Alsace… Can you choose just one?