Painted Hall Old Royal Naval College

Painted Hall: London’s Sistine Chapel

A replica of Michelangelo’s David, its own Sistine Chapel and the best pizza outside Italy. London has its own tricks to transport us to Italy, if only for a while through taste and sight. In this article I tell you about Painted Hall, a stunning place you must visit in London.

📍 Location and how to get there

The quickest way to get to the Old Royal Naval College is by DLR to Greenwich, or by train to Maze Hill or Greenwich. You can also get there by bus from Russell Square (line 188) and Piccadilly Circus/Trafalgar Square (line 53).

The most fun way to get to Painted Hall is by boat from Westminster, Embankment Pier, Bankside Pier or Tower Bridge Quay.

🎫 Buy tickets for Painted Hall

The best way to secure your visit to Painted Hall is to buy your ticket in advance. It costs 16 euros and allows entry to the Old Royal Naval College building and Painted Hall. You can buy your tickets here.

🌏 Gaia at Painted Hall

In recent years an exhibition known as Gaia has been held inside Painted Hall. Here are some images, although you might have already seen them on social media 😉

Painted Hall: London's Sistine Chapel

Painted Hall is located in the Old Royal Naval College and is one of the best things to see and do in Greenwich. It represents one of the most impressive works of Baroque art in Europe. It was created by Sir James Thornhill, who managed to complete it in 1726, after 19 years of work.

Painted Hall is divided into different sections:


It is the entrance to this place and includes on its walls the names of the benefactors who helped to build the Greenwich Hospital.


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Central part

The central part of Painted Hall is also its largest space. It took the artist 7 years to complete this work of art presided over by King William III and Queen Mary II, the founders of Greenwich Hospital.

In this immense work we also find references to naval life and the power of the British Navy, such as the HMS Blenheim with its battle trophies. In addition, you will also notice the signs of the zodiac belonging to the seasons of spring and summer adorning the arch, figures representing the rivers Avon, Severn and Humber, the goddess Diana and the astronomers Copernicus, Brahe and Flamsteed.

Painted Hall Old Royal Naval College

Upper Hall

This is the final area of Painted Hall, presided over by a painting of the Hanoverian dynasty, with George I in the centre. It also features a woman holding a trident and a list of Britain’s most important naval victories. In addition to St. Paul’s Cathedral, also designed by Sir Christopher Wren, the same designer who designed the Royal Hospital at Greenwich.

On the walls located to the sides we can see two paintings in greyish tones that try to simulate sculptures. And if we look at the ceiling, we can see Queen Anne and her husband, King George of Denmark.

Book your visit to Painted Hall to find out more about this impressive work of art or take a virtual tour of the interior from home.

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