D贸nde comer en Belfast: 隆Los 12 mejores restaurantes!

The 12 best places to eat in Belfast

Belfast is the perfect place to base yourself for any tour of Northern Ireland. But it’s also a great place to whet your appetite and taste buds. The best Fish and Chips in Northern Ireland and the best burgers in Ireland await you in the city. Here is a list of the 12 best places to eat in Belfast.

馃嵈 12 restaurants you should try in Belfast

馃搷Fish City

This restaurant has become an almost obligatory visit for me in the city. Each and every time I’ve visited Belfast, I’ve ended up eating one of their famous Fish and Chips.

Fish City is one of the best places to eat in Belfast and has the best Fish and Chips in Northern Ireland, at least that’s what the Food Awards of Northern Ireland recognise year after year.

Another place that is said to have the best Fish and Chips in the city is Long’s Fish, another good option for a cheap meal in Belfast.

D贸nde comer en Belfast: 隆Los 12 mejores restaurantes!

馃搷Maggie May

The pleasure of trying new dishes translates to a good Ulster fry in Northern Ireland. And what better way to enjoy it than at one of Belfast’s best Ulster fry restaurants.

There’s nothing better than starting or ending the day with one. Be warned though, it’s a real calorie bomb.

This Irish breakfast consists of eggs, sausages, pancakes, potato bread, bacon and farl, a variant of soda bread. It is served all day and costs 拢5.7.

Maggie Mays has several outlets in different areas of the city. It is one of the best places to eat cheaply in Belfast. We tried the one near the University of Belfast and the Ulster Museum.

D贸nde comer en Belfast: 隆Los 12 mejores restaurantes!


They have the best burgers in Ireland! And it’s not just me, it’s everyone who has tried them. In fact, we’ve liked them so much in Spain that there are two Bunsen’s here: in Madrid and Barcelona.

In Ireland you can find this chain in Cork and Dublin (they have several locations here). The one in Belfast is near Dirty Onion, one of the most famous pubs in the city.

Bunsen is a great option for cheap and tasty food in Belfast.

D贸nde comer en Belfast: 隆Los 12 mejores restaurantes!

馃搷Curated Kitchen & Coffee

I’m keeping it on the back burner for my next visit to Belfast, but I wanted to share this unique restaurant. Every week they vary their recipes, taking inspiration from different cookbooks. Their dishes are made with carefully selected quality products.

If you decide to eat here, I recommend having a coffee afterwards at Established Coffee, one of the best coffee shops in Belfast.


This is the bar in the same building as The Dirty Onion, one of the oldest in the city. Their menu is based on chicken, but they also have a vegetarian dish. It’s one of the best cheap places to eat in Belfast.

馃搷Mourne Seafood聽

It’s a big hit, and reservations are usually necessary. In fact, on our last trip to Belfast we really wanted to try this restaurant.

They say they serve the best local seafood. It also has a very appetising terrace in the summer

馃搷Little Wings

We all agree that enjoying a slice of pizza is a real treat. That’s why this list couldn’t miss a space dedicated to this typical Italian dish.

Little wings is located very close to Victoria Square and is a good choice for a cheap meal in Belfast.


This is a UK classic. Like Yardbird, chicken is the main item on the menu. The perfect condiment to go with chicken is Peri-Peri and Nando’s knows how to use it to its advantage.

A tasty and cheap option to eat in Belfast, London, Bath or any city in the UK.

馃搷Happy Hot Dogs

It has been awarded the 2019 Food Awards Northern Ireland 2019 for take-away restaurant of the year. We’ll have to give it a go, won’t we?


This is another of the cheapest options for eating out in Belfast. They are cheap restaurants, usually found in most cities and the food is good.

The menu ranges from burgers and pizzas to traditional dishes such as Fish and Chips and Sunday Roast. The only one in Belfast is very close to Crown Liquor Saloon.


I know Ikea isn’t the place you were thinking of going to eat, and I know you’re wondering why on earth I’ve included it on this list.

I’ll be honest, I wanted to tell you that you can watch planes take off from here. And this was the only good article to do it.