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7 quirky places where drink a pint or eat in Galway

When I travel, I like to get lost in the streets and savor the local food, but in less touristy establishments. I like to find those places that invite you to stay five minutes longer.

These quaint places will show you Galway’s gastronomic offer and will make you can’t resist accepting a coffee/beer time break in your trip.

☕ Coffee shops in Galway

I’m not able to resist a hot chocolate when I’m out and about. That’s why I make it my business to collect cute coffee shops in every place I visit.

These are the ones that caught my attention the most in Galway; I hope you like them 👇.

📍 Coffeewerk

It called me especially for its facade and for the business idea it hides. At first glance it may look like an ordinary coffee shop. However, once you walk through the door you discover that it is also a tiny store or gallery showcasing cuckoo products.

I was especially attracted by its facade and the business idea it hides. At first glance it may look like an ordinary coffee shop. However, once you cross the door you discover that it is also a tiny store or exhibition gallery of cuckoo products.

Within its walls are mixed art and international design. Those who visit agree on one thing: their coffee is quality and this place is one of the best and most innovative in Galway.

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📍 Jungle Café

When traveling I like to look for different places. This coffee shop is one of them. Inspired by the jungle, it aims to make us feel in a discerning environment while indulging in a good cup of coffee or a bite of a gourmet sandwich.

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📍 Cupán Tae

A tea room straight out of a fairy tale.

The decoration is carefully taken care of in every detail, from the curtains to the cups. They serve breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea. They are in charge of baking biscuits that seem to be taken out of Pinterest, and decorating coffees that are a real bomb.

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🍺 Pubs and restaurants in Galway

📍 Maxwell Bistro

Their pancakes are the most instagrammable in Galway.

Maxwell Bistro is a centrally located restaurant, where in addition to enjoying an elegant dinner, you can savor a rich breakfast. Of course, with a high dose of calories.

The breakfast is not particularly cheap, but it is pure delight. Order raspberries and maple syrup pancakes and be tempted in Galway.

Comer en Galway

📍 The King´s Head

It is a mythical place in Galway.

In the Galway Guide I tell you a little more about the history of this place. It is in the center of the city. It has live music and its gastromía is based on Irish dishes and pizzas, practically.

It is perfect to have a pint in good company or try a Fish and Chips.

📍 A Púcán 

It is a typical Irish pub, where Guinness is the queen of all beers.

Its striking external decoration does not go unnoticed by tourists. It is not as coveted as the previous one. It is a good choice for those looking to mingle with Irish culture and toast with a pint. You can also eat at this pub. Pasta, hamburgers and Irish dishes are some of the products that make up its gastronomic menu.

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