Restaurantes recomendados en Mallorca

Places to eat in Mallorca: 9 highly recommended restaurants

The Balearic Islands are one of our favourite summer destinations. Fine sandy beaches and crystal clear waters that have nothing to envy the Caribbean, beautiful villages and delicious food at every turn. In this article (which will be updated with each visit) I recommend some places to eat well in Mallorca.

9 highly recommended restaurants in Mallorca island

๐Ÿ“ Gust Santi Taura

Its location in Playa de Muro, its sophisticated air and delicious menu will make this restaurant on your list of the best places to eat in Mallorca.

Santi Taura is a renowned Mallorcan chef who has several restaurants on the island. This particular one belongs to the Iberostar group and its name “gust” refers to the pleasure of enjoying food at home. Dipping bread, eating with your hands, sharing the dishes. Come on, the way we like to eat. Savouring every bite.

Choosing just one dish from their menu is going to be difficult. They all have the most appetising names, and they taste even better on the palate.

My recommendations are their mini squid sandwiches, the classic XL cannelloni and their version of Snicker. Although the truth is that whatever you order, you’ll end up repeating. You can take a look at their full menu here.

Restaurantes recomendados en Mallorca

๐Ÿ“ Es Vaixell

It has just seven tables and a handful of chairs, but it is always full. It’s located in Portixol, right in front of the beach, and here you’ll find the best llonguets you’ll eat on the island.

Llonguets are typical Mallorcan bread rolls that work with everything. In Es Vaixell they are the star product. They are cheap, good and can be eaten at any time of the day; for breakfast, lunch or snack.

You will like them all. Ordering llonguets here is a safe bet. However, my recommendation is the Spanish omelette one.

๐Ÿ“ C’an Joan de S’aigo

How could we talk about Mallorcan gastronomy without mentioning its famous ensaimadas?

My mother always told me that there were none like the ones from Mallorca, and how right she is! In Mallorca they taste different. They are not comparable to the ones sold in bakeries, nor to the ones in the supermarket, and even less to the ones I try (with not very good results) to make at home.

Ca’n Joan de S’aigo has several bakeries in Palma, although the best is its first oven located in the old part of the city. It is one of the most popular places for ensaimadas. I can only attest that they are the best I have tasted to date.

I have an article about the best ensaimadas in Mallorca, where I include this place. In case you are interested in reading it.

Los mejores sitios para comer ensaimadas en Mallorca

๐Ÿ“ Quitapenas Valldemosa

Located in one of the most beautiful villages in Mallorca, we find this bar dedicated to taking away one’s sorrows (by eating). How else could it be?

Quitapenas is one of the island’s temples dedicated to pa amb oli, one of the most typical dishes in Mallorcan gastronomy. It is a traditional bread with olive oil, but with a Balearic twist.

Pa amb oli is made up of bread (the most important ingredient), oil and whatever you want to add to it: sobrasada, ham, cheese… whatever you can think of!

With sobrasada and figs, with cheese, with camaiot – a typical Mallorcan product – and with fuet. That was the selection we tried, and which I would repeat at Quitapenas.

Restaurantes recomendados en Mallorca

๐Ÿ“ Bar Cabrera

Continuing with the selection of bars where you can try a good Mallorcan pa amb oli, Bar Cabrera is a must. It is a small bar located in the Santa Catalina neighbourhood in Palma.

Its star dish is pa amb oli. Its menu offers a wide variety: with ham, cured pork loin, sobrassada, smoked salmon, anchovies and cod carpaccio, among others.

Restaurantes recomendados en Mallorca

๐Ÿ“ Ca’n Molinas

n Valldemossa, that picturesque village that you can never miss on a trip to Mallorca, there is THE coca de patata. I say THE because everyone knows that this is the best coca de patata on the island.

I can only recommend it with a Laccao or a hot chocolate here!

Restaurantes recomendados en Mallorca

๐Ÿ“ Can Brondo

I recommend this place for a Sunday brunch. For those days when you feel like having breakfast cooked for you, enjoying it in a beautiful setting and strolling through the streets of Palma in complete peace and quiet.

The hotel, Brondo Architect Hotel, is spectacular. All the decoration is perfectly cared for and creates a very cosy atmosphere. In addition, the restaurant has a small terrace, ideal for when the good weather arrives. Although on the island, the weather is always good.

The quality-price ratio is very good. It has Balearic products, pastries, sausages, sausages, eggs in different forms. In short, all the elements to make a 10-star breakfast.

It is necessary to book in advance!

Restaurantes recomendados en Mallorca

๐Ÿ“ Vermuterรญa La Rosa

ts vermouth and its potato omelette are the gastronomic objective at Vermuterรญa La Rosa. It’s an old-fashioned bar. With its Spanish ham, its bar counter and its small tapas to nibble on before eating.

Restaurantes recomendados en Mallorca

๐Ÿ“ Ca’n Manolo

If you are looking for a good restaurant serving traditional dishes, this is it.

It is located in Palma, near the promenade. Its specialities are rice and fish. I remember that the day I visited it there were only foreigners and that made me wonder if the food was as good as they said it was. A place I will definitely go back to!