Qué ver en Santiago de Compostela

Places to eat in Santiago de Compostela: My recommendations!

It is well known that Galicia is the place where dieting does not exist. Those who go there on a visit return home with a few extra kilos on their bodies and in their luggage.

Here are the best places to eat in Santiago de Compostela.

Best places to eat in Santiago de Compostela

Food Markets

In Santiago de Compostela there are several food markets open during the day, such as La GalicianaMercado Boanerges or the farmer market.

The latter was the only one I visited (due to lack of time). Here there is a food stall called Amoado, where you can try filloas stuffed with costela lacada, fried squid or lacón con grelos, among other options.

And other stalls dedicated to the others, octopus and other dishes of Galician gastronomy.

Qué ver en Santiago de Compostela

To try 'pulpo a la feira'

And other stalls dedicated to octopus and other Galician dishes.

Whether you love octopus or not, this is a dish you must try on your trip to Galicia.

To try octopus a la feira I recommend O Gato Negro (ask for a cunca de riberio to go with it!), Pulpería Fuentes or bodegón Concheiros (further away, but recommended by a Galician).

Qué ver en Santiago de Compostela

To eat the best empanada

Another of Galicia’s star dishes is the empanada. But don’t forget to try the typical tuna and tomato empanada! You can order a portion of the empanada of the day in most places, or buy one in any bakery.

Qué ver en Santiago de Compostela

To try the best Spanish omelette of your life

This is not a suggestion, it’s a request!


For this omelette I would come back every weekend to Santiago. In fact, I visited the place twice in only two days…

For lovers of overcooked omelette, I’m sorry. Maybe this place is not for you, but give it a try.

Qué ver en Santiago de Compostela - La Tita

Bar la Tita is in the heart of Santiago’s old town. It’s usually crowded and you get a free tapa of tortilla with every drink.

Other places with free tapas in Santiago are:

  • Bar Trafalgar: whose tapa is the Tigre, a spicy mussel.
  • Bar Avella: known for its famous crocodiles.
Qué ver en Santiago de Compostela

To try the Tarta de Santiago

For your gastronomic tribute, Pampín is the place par excellence. They have a finger-licking Santiago Cake coulant.

Tarta de Santiago en Galicia

And to finish off the diet, you can’t miss a Tarta de Santiago, an emblem of the city.

In high season, the streets are usually full of employees ready to give you a slice to try and buy one to take home.

Alba, from Con Algas en la Maleta, recommended this one to me, and I can assure you that it is delicious and well worth a try. According to her, it is the best Tarta de Santiago in the city.

You can buy it at Monasterio de San Pelayo de Antealtares and it costs about 12€.

Qué ver en Santiago de Compostela

To conclude the list, and not to stop drinking that coffee that gives us life in the mornings – even if it is decaffeinated, as in my case – I recommend the following places:

  • Café Costa Vella: with a beautiful garden. They give you a piece of sponge cake with your coffee.
  • Cadrado Doce: with speciality coffees and delicious toast.
  • Tartitis: they have different delicious homemade cakes.