Primrose Hill: vistas del skyline de Londres

Primrose Hill, one of the most amazing London’s skyline view

Have you ever heard of Primrose Hill? This famous hill is located very close to Camden Town and Regent’s Park, one of the royal palaces of the British capital. In this article I tell you how to get to Primrose Hill and when is the best time to visit it.

📍 How to get to Primrose Hill

The nearest tube stations are Chalk Farm and Swiss Cottage. But you can also walk from Camden Town, which is about 20 minutes.

Primrose Hill como llegar desde Camden

🌇 Primrose Hill, sunset picnic with views of the London skyline

Although the view from Primrose Hill remains breathtaking at all times of the day, my favourite time to visit is at sunset. Watching the sun go down, the sky turning orange and pink, and the London skyline in the background, who wouldn’t want to end their day in London like this?

The first time I visited Primrose Hill was on a 4-day trip to London. I took a free tour and was shown this part of the city – which I didn’t know yet, but which was quite famous for Londoners.

In this guide to visit London in 2 days, I included Primrose Hill as one of the places to visit in London on your second day of sightseeing. I think that if you feel like visiting Camden Town, having a picnic or ending the day walking around here could be a good plan.

Also, if you can, I would recommend you to visit it on a weekday, so you can enjoy it more calmly and avoid seeing it full of people.

👀 What to see near Primrose Hill

Colourful streets

Chalcot Square and Chalcot Crescent are two of those London streets that look like something out of a magazine, or Notting Hill. Although the latter neighbourhood is famous for its colourful streets, they can be found in many parts of the city. And this area is proof of that.

Primrose Hill Bookstore 

If you’re a book lover, you’re in luck. In London there is a bookstore on every corner. And I have a huge list to make you go home with one more book in your backpack.

In this area of London is Primrose Hill Bookstore, if you want to go and have a look 🙊.

Greenberry Café 

I haven’t visited Greenberry Café yet, but I didn’t want to leave it out in case you had the chance to go. It’s famous for its brunch. In fact, they serve them all week long. Granola, pancakes, toast and eggs in all their forms are part of their menu. They also have ice cream, an ideal plan for a summer day in Primrose Hill 🍦.