Satay bar en Brixton Londres restaurantes

Satay Bar, Brixton: noodles, gyozas and pornstar martinis

Satay Bar is an establishment located in the heart of Brixton, specialising in cocktails and Asian food – their gyozas are the best reason to visit!

Satay Bar, Brixton

I had never visited Brixton before until that day. I knew it was known for being the centre of the African American community in London, but I wasn’t really aware until that day.

We went to eat here because a friend wanted to go; it’s one of her favourite restaurants. She, whose family is of Jamaican origin, knows Brixton like the back of her hand. She greeted people on the street, talked to me about gentrification and took me to this place with the vibe that is so characteristic of this London neighbourhood.

It has definitely become a place I’ll be coming back to when I visit Brixton again.

📍Satay Bar location

Satay Bar is located in Brixton, specifically in Coldharbour Lane, very close to the station. Also, if you go by car, there is free parking very close to the establishment.

🍴 Satay Bar menu & prices

Cocktails are around £8, but if you’re lucky and arrive at happy hour, you can order 2 for £10 😉 In addition, main courses – which include noodles, curries, rice and fish – cost around £10-15.

It’s good value for money, in my personal opinion. And I’d probably repeat more for the ambience and the cocktails. And their gyozas.

Satay bar en Brixton Londres restaurantes

We ordered chicken gyozas and vegetable spring rolls to share. And for the main course, I chose the Singapore-style vermicelli. My friend told me that the salmon teriyaki is one of the star dishes of the place – I’ll have to go back to Satay Bar to confirm it!