Schiltach, el pueblo más bonito de la Selva Negra

Schiltach: one of the most beautiful villages in the Black Forest

Schiltach is one of the great unknowns of the Black Forest. There is hardly any information about it on the internet when you look for information about routes in the Black Forest. But I assure you that it is one of the most beautiful villages in this German region. Take note and don’t forget to include it in your trip to the Black Forest.

🗺 What to do and see in Schiltach

Schiltach was one of the last villages we added to the list of villages we were going to visit in the Black Forest, in Germany. As I told you before, it is hardly mentioned on lists of places to see in the Black Forest. But adding it to the list is a sure hit.

Schiltach stands out for preserving its medieval old town intact. Strolling through its winding streets is a delight. It is impossible not to want to stop and take a picture of each of these Germanic-style houses with pointed roofs. Everything aligns to make this German village a fairytale place. But be careful, be prepared for the hills and for the camera to keep clicking!

Schiltach, el pueblo más bonito de la Selva Negra

Marktplatz is the central axis of the town, and home to the town hall of Schiltach (the building in the which is located on the left and has paintings on its façade). Through these murals we can learn a little more about the history of Schiltach, a town that played a key role in the region’s economy in the 19th century.

Schiltach, el pueblo más bonito de la Selva Negra

This building – yes, the red one – is a boutique hotel and one of the restaurants where you can taste the local gastronomy. However, I was not able to enjoy it. My visit to Schiltach was short because it started snowing just as we arrived. We were not able to enjoy much of this beautiful German town, nor to see as much as we would have liked, such as some of its museums.

Schiltach has 4 museums:

  • Pharmacy Museum: there is a small entrance fee.
  • Schüttesägemuseum: dedicated to wood processing and logging.
  • Museum am Markt: dedicated to promoting the culture and history of the town itself.
  • Hansgrohe Aquademie Museum: dedicated to the history of bathing.

Admission to the last three is free.

Schiltach, el pueblo más bonito de la Selva Negra

🚗 Where to park in Schiltach

For the route through Alsace and the Black Forest, we opted to rent a car. It’s the most convenient way to get around and cross all your planned destinations off the list.

In Schiltach, we left the car in one of the car parks on the other side of the river. I don’t remember if they were free or paid parking, but if we paid anything it wasn’t more than 1€ or 2€.

Schiltach, el pueblo más bonito de la Selva Negra

🛌 Where to stay in Schiltach

The best hotels to stay at in Schiltach are Hotel-Gasthof Zum Weyssen Rössle y Adler 1604 Boutique Hotel and Restaurant.