Entradas para Sky Garden: el mirador de Londres

Sky Garden, London: How to get free tickets

Sky Garden is one of the best viewpoints in London and to visit it you need to book the tickets in advance. In this article I’m going to share with you how to get free tickets for Sky Garden, when they are released and what to do if there are no tickets available.

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Sky Garden is a public garden located on the top floor of the skyscraper known as Walkie Talkie. Admission is free and it is considered one of the best free things to see in London.

Where is Sky Garden?

Sky Garden is located in the City, one of the world’s most important financial districts. It is home to the Bank of England and its museum, Leadenhall Market and the famous Tower Bridge (which is not London Bridge!)

It is for me one of the best areas to see in London. Additionally, due to its location, Sky Garden has become a very special place in the city, with a unique panoramic view of London.

How to get to Sky Garden in London

My advice is to plan your trip to London so that you can spend the whole day in this part of London. As I mentioned above, there are plenty of places to visit here. You can visit St. Paul’s Cathedral, go to Borough Market, or even visit other markets such as Spitalfields Market.

Besides, this way you can walk everywhere and if there is a transport strike it won’t affect your travel itinerary.

Monument is the nearest tube station to Sky Garden. You can also get to Tower Hill, Tower Gateway, Aldgate, Bank and Mansion House, all within a ten-minute walk.

If you are travelling by train, the nearest stops are London Fenchurch Street, Cannon Street and London Bridge. You can check timetables and ticket prices here.

And if you’re travelling by bus, the number 40 bus will drop you off very close to Sky Garden. If you have booked the London Sightseeing Bus you can get off at St Paul’s Cathedral and walk here. It is about a 15 minute walk.

Please note that the bus cannot be paid for in cash.

How to get tickets for Sky Garden

Admission to Sky Garden is free, but reservations are required to get access to the inside of the building.

As it’s free, tickets sell out quickly! I would recommend you to set an alarm for the exact day the tickets are released. Otherwise, you will most likely miss out!

How far in advance can I book tickets for Sky Garden?

Sky Garden tickets can only be booked up to three weeks in advance. If you try to check the website earlier, you will see that there are no dates available.

Which day are Sky Garden tickets released?

Sky Garden tickets are released every Monday.

Can I visit Sky Garden without a ticket? Do Sky Garden accepts walk-ins?

If you have tried to get tickets for the Sky Garden but they are sold out on the days you are travelling, you have these three options:

  • Go as a walk-in to see if they have space available on the day.
  • Book a table in one of their restaurants
  • Visit another London viewpoint

Let me explain the advantages and disadvantages of each of these options.

Sky Garden usually accepts walk-ins for the whole day, but it all depends on their availability at the time. You might be asked to come back later in the day, or you might be lucky and they might have slots available. But it can happen that they will tell you that they can’t let you in and you will have wasted time on your trip.

The second option would be to book a table at one of their restaurants to enjoy one of the best views in London. But be careful not to book a table and then not show up! This can cost you more than 30 pounds per person.

In London, in addition to the service charge, many restaurants also charge a fee for those who book a table and don’t show up or don ‘t cancel less than 24 hours or even 48 hours in advance. It is very important to check this before making any restaurant reservation!

How do I visit the Sky Garden at night?

The best way to visit Sky Garden at night is to book a table at one of its restaurants. Another way would be to look for one of the events that Sky Garden organises through Design my Nights, which is what I did!

I really wanted to visit Sky Garden at night, but I didn’t want to go there for dinner. So with the excuse of showing the city to a friend, we booked a table at Sky Garden using Design my Nights. The package included a bottle of wine, a cheese and charcuterie board, and a chance to wander around Sky Garden after sunset.

Events at Sky Garden

The best way to keep up to date with the events organised at Sky Garden is its official website. But, as I said before, here you will also find many other events that take place in this London’s free viewpoint. Like Music Nights, Yoga in the morning or the option to have breakfast at Sky Garden and see it practically without people.

The views from the Sky Garden

Sky Garden is located on the top floor in the skyscraper at number 20 Fenchurch, known as the Walkie Talkie for its appearance. It is laid out on different levels and has 360-degree views of the City of London.

From inside you can see the Tower of London and Tower Bridge, St Paul’s Cathedral, The Shard (London’s tallest building), among other famous landmarks.

Alternative viewpoints to the Sky Garden

Luckily, Sky Garden isn ‘t the only place in London where you can enjoy amazing views of the city. These other viewpoints are also located in the City, are free and have great views:

  • The Garden at the 120: ideal for spring, summer and non-rainy days. As it is not covered, it can be less charming in winter. You don’t need to book in advance, but there are usually queues.
  • The Look Out: a new, small, covered viewpoint. Reservations are required. The views are somewhat similar to Horizon 22, but this one is not as high.
  • Horizon 22: this is my favourite viewpoint, simply because of the impressive views it has of London. You need to book in advance, but there are tricks to get in if tickets are not available. 100% recommended!

Other places to see the London skyline are Greenwich Park, Hampstead Heath or the Alexandra Palace area.

Places to visit near Sky Garden

If you want to organise a day out in this area of London, you should check out my guide to the City of London. There I explain everything you can’t miss in this area of the London, with useful information for your trip.

Here are a few places that are located near Sky Garden:

  • Tower of London
  • Tower Bridge
  • St Paul’s Cathedral
  • Leadenhall Market
  • Bank of England Museum
  • St Dunstan’s in the East