El mejor desayuno del mundo está en Mallorca

The best breakfast in the world is in Mallorca

There are few reasons that make us jump out of bed without setting the alarm for five more minutes. With the exception of travel, a good reason to do so is breakfast, and if it’s the best breakfast in the world, I don’t think there’s any need for words.

The best breakfast in the world is in Majorca 🌴

Almost without wanting to, when we live in a place we start to stop discovering things, places or treasures to be found there. We let ourselves get carried away by routine and forget to explore every corner of our city. Or island, as in this case.

And sometimes, because of our lack of curiosity, we run the risk of missing authentic gems like this one.

Hotel Hospes Maricel & Spa boasts the best breakfast in the world. And not just because I say so; gastronomic experts awarded it this title at the 2nd Madrid Fusion Summit.

The breakfast is much more than a tasting menu, it is a culinary journey with 10 stops. Its dishes are made with seasonal products, so the dishes themselves vary according to the time of year.

The setting is another of the main protagonists of this breakfast. Your table will be located on the terrace of this emblematic hotel. The sound of the waves, the smell of the sea and the views of Cas Catalá will accompany you during the hours that the gastronomic journey lasts.

Without a doubt, this is an experience to enjoy if you visit Mallorca.

SPOILER: This breakfast is a rollercoaster of flavours, textures and combinations.

El mejor desayuno del mundo está en Mallorca

The 10 gastronomic stops of the Maricel breakfast

1. Smoothies

Breakfast starts with a trio of smoothies. It is important to drink them in order: Detoxifying (green apple, carrot and ginger) , Antioxidant (beetroot, mango and banana) and Invigorating (Greek yoghurt, turmeric and dates).

We are now ready to continue the journey!

El mejor desayuno del mundo está en Mallorca

2. Seasonal fruits in Passion Fruit pickle, Strawberry foam and crunchy tuna

I warned you that this breakfast was a rollercoaster of flavours, didn’t I? You’re probably thinking what I was thinking (at the time).

How does the fruit go with the tuna in this dish?

Strange as it sounds, they go together. And in a very good way.

El mejor desayuno del mundo está en Mallorca

3. Foie gras yoghurt with mango textures 

In all flights there is usually an area where turbulence is accentuated. And we could define this dish as my particular turbulence. I’m not saying I didn’t like it!

My palate was surprised by the taste, but my mind didn’t take this play of textures so well. While my tongue detected the taste of Foie, my mind was going crazy trying to understand why it looked like yoghurt and where the bread had vanished.

The good thing about gastronomy is that not all of us have the same tastes. And while I was having an internal fight, Alba (Con Algas en la Maleta) was able to lick her whiskers with her and my foie yoghurt.

El mejor desayuno del mundo está en Mallorca

4. Mallorcan ensaimada and creamy chocolate ice cream with caramel. 

At this stop, I wouldn’t have minded staying a little longer, missing the next flight, or, if you want to throw the house out of the window, the suitcase itself. Anything to enjoy it.

I would even repeat the destination, with its 10 stopovers, for a few minutes of culinary pleasure 😋.

The ensaimada that delights us with the best breakfast in the world is not the typical Mallorcan ensaimada. It is made with fewer leaves, it is fluffier and its texture is similar to a sponge cake dipped in liqueur.

Accompanied by chocolate ice cream – anyone can resist -, touches of orange and small explosions of peta zetas, I can affirm that it occupies my TOP of the best ensaimadas in Mallorca, Spain and the whole world.

El mejor desayuno del mundo está en Mallorca

5. Broxat of caramelised mahonese cheese, marinated trout and apricot bread 

Mahon cheese is one of the most famous local products of the Balearic Islands. And it certainly had to be part of the best breakfast in the world, being made in Mallorca.

The hints of trout and the surprising flavour of apricot bread go perfectly with the taste of this Minorcan cheese.

El mejor desayuno del mundo está en Mallorca

6. Langostine in kaffir lime coconut sauce, jelly and apple

A delicious combination, paired with a glass of champagne 🥂.

El mejor desayuno del mundo está en Mallorca

7. Passion for cava

Another of my star breakfast dishes. Served in a cocktail glass. It’s refreshing, sweet and ideal for repeating – again and again.

El mejor desayuno del mundo está en Mallorca

8. Pig confit taco with mallorcan soup

El mejor desayuno del mundo está en Mallorca

9. Chocolate and truffle assiete gourmande 

Chocoholics, undo a button on your belt because they’re coming with curves! Each spoonful is more pleasurable than the last 🤤.

El mejor desayuno del mundo está en Mallorca

10. Islander sweets

To round off this gastronomic journey, the coffee is accompanied by a selection of typical island sweets.

El mejor desayuno del mundo está en Mallorca

Practial Information

  • The best breakfast in the world can be found in the restaurant of the Hotel Hospes Maricel & Spa.

  • It costs 49€ per person.

  • Reservations must be made at least 48 hours in advance.

How to get to Hotel Hospes Maricel & Spa:

  • By car: Take the M-20 from Palma and use the Cala Major exit to get to the hotel. The journey usually takes 15-20 minutes on average.
    By bus:
  • Bus line 104 will leave you right outside the hotel. You can check the timetables at this link.

*Disclaimer: this article is the result of a collaboration between Hazte Viajero and Hotel Hospes Maricel & Spa. All opinions are our own.