Titanic Belfast Experience: Guide to visit Titanic´s museum

Did you know that the world’s most famous ocean liner was born in Belfast? 🤔 Yes, we’re talking about the Titanic!

In the 18th and 19th centuries, Belfast became the most industrialised city in Ireland, thanks to its shipyards, textile and tobacco industries – it even overtook Dublin! Harland and Wolff were, at that time, the most important shipyards in the world. And it is here that the Titanic’s story can be traced back to.

As the city where this emblematic ship was built, Belfast decided to pay tribute to it with a space dedicated solely and exclusively to the Titanic: Titanic Belfast Experience, an interactive museum considered one of the best places to visit in Belfast.

Titanic Belfast Experience Museum

🎟 Prices and opening hours

The Titanic Museum is open every day of the week from 9am to 10am to 7pm. Admission to the Titanic Museum in Belfast is 25€ for adults, 12€ for children and children under 5 are free.

📍 Location and how to get there 

The Titanic Museum is located in the Titanic Quarter, about a mile and a half from the city centre.

Although it’s a 30-minute walk, the best way to get there is by bus. From Belfast city centre you can take the following bus routes to the Titanic Museum: 26, 26A, 26B and 26C. In addition, the Airport Express 600A and 600B (Airport Express 600A and 600B) also run to the Titanic Museum.

🚢 Inside the Titanic Museum in Belfast

It opened its doors in 2012, the centenary year of the famous ship. The building is made of aluminium plates in the shape of a star, in homage to the company that built the giant of the seas, White Star Line.

It stands on the site of the shipyard where the Titanic was built. Its interior tells the story of Belfast, an essential city to see in Ireland, and the construction of this famous ocean liner.

Through 9 galleries, divided over three floors, this museum takes you on a complete tour of the Titanic. Explore the sounds, smells and stories behind the liner. What’s more, the exhibition is highly entertaining!

The exhibits are interactive, with animated projections and historical re-enactments. And they take us on a journey back more than a hundred years, starting with the construction of the ship, through its launching and tragic shipwreck, and bringing us back to the present day.

Let’s explore the 9 galleries of the exhibition 👇

Boomtown Belfast

The first part of the Titanic experience is a journey through the history of the city of Belfast and its industrial splendour.

The Shipyard Ride

A panoramic view of the construction of the Titanic with models and plans of the famous ship. You can also visit Buggy Park, an attraction that will take you along the Dockyard Promenade.

The Launch

Titanic’s big day has arrived, the day of her launch. We are transported at 12:13pm on the 31st May 1911 to the very place where the Titanic was built, the pride of Belfast.

The Fit Out

Discover what the first and second class cabins were like. Plus, a 3D recreation will take you to explore the entire ship.

The Maiden Voyage

Follow the route of the Titanic, see what life was like on board and meet some of the people who travelled on the ship. Like Frank Browne, who took two cameras with him to record his journey on the Titanic.

The sinking

Remains of the press, communications with the ship and an atmosphere that will transport you back to that tragic day.

You will hear the voices of the real survivors recounting their experience, and the last Morse messages sent from the Titanic as it sank.

The aftermath

The outcome of the Titanic story, testimonies and a replica of the lifeboat are what you will find in this gallery.

Myths and Reality

The Titanic has become the name of films, plays and books that tell the tragic story of the world’s most famous ocean line

Beneath the Titanic

For more than 70 years, the location of the Titanic was unknown. Many teams searched for it, until it was discovered in 1985, in an investigation led by Dr Ballard.

You can also explore the oceans at the OEC through simulators.


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