Wetherspoons Londres, pubs más baratos de Londres

Wetherspoons, London’s most famous English pub

Wetherspoons is a well-known pub chain in the British capital. Its cheap prices make it one of the cheapest places to eat in London. You can find everything from a full English breakfast at 5 pounds to burgers from 6 pounds.

The first time I discovered what a Wetherspoon was when I was living as an au pair in London. At that time I didn’t know about the Railcard, a card that saves you money every time you use the train in the UK (including London). And it didn’t charge much per week either – about 100 pounds. So I became a fan of the Wetherspoons – eating for less than £10? Here we go!

💸 Wetherspoon menu and prices

I came across Wetherspoon as a good alternative to McDonald ‘s. Similar priced menus, but with better quality. But really the menu of the Wetherspoons is the typical menu of any English pub.

For breakfast they have the English breakfast (eggs with bacon, sausage, tomato, mushrooms and baked beans), some muffins, eggs benedict, poached eggs, beans on toast – something very typical English – or porridge, which is oatmeal.

For lunch they have nachos, burgers, pizzas, salads, pasta, jacket potatoes and curries. They also serve their English breakfast all day long.

Most of the dishes on their menu – with the exception of a couple of them – cost less than £10, including drinks.

Wetherspoons Londres, pubs más baratos de Londres

📍 Wetherspoons locations

Wetherspoons are not only located in the British capital. There are also Wetherspoons in Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Ireland.

In London there are plenty of Wetherspoons. In every area there is at least one Wetherspoons, with a good chance. On their website you can find all the Wetherspoons they have in the city.

🤔 Are all Wetherspoons the same?

The truth is that they are not.

Some of them are located in historic buildings. Although it is true that they all have the same style, each one has its own characteristic features. Here is an article with the most beautiful Wetherspoons.