Youghal, el pueblo de Moby Dick (Irlanda)

Things to do in Youghal, Ireland | the village of Moby Dick

Youghal is one of those villages that tends to go unnoticed on a tour of Ireland.

The first time you hear the name of this village, you’ll notice the strange way it’s pronounced. Something like “yawl”.

🚌 How to get to Youghal by public transport

The service covering this 50-minute journey is operated by Bus Éireann. The line is 260, with 6 buses per day.

I advise you to check the timetables here, as during the weekend public transport schedules are greatly reduced throughout the country.

🗺 What to see in Youghal

Youghal is quite small, so in a couple of hours/half a day, you will have seen almost everything.

Youghal Clock Gate Tower is the most iconic building in town. Tours of the Clock Tower are available in English. They tell you about the history of the clock and Youghal, as well as how the clock changed the lives of many people.

Youghal, el pueblo de Moby Dick (Irlanda)

Youghal hides a lot of history in its narrow streets.

Its history dates back to the 8th century when the Vikings settled in the country, and the conflicts between the Norse and the Irish began.

Youghal was the place where Walter Raleigh first introduced the potato to Ireland. It is said that this is where he planted the first potatoes.

This village was the home of Raleigh, who, after participating in Desmond’s rebellion, became one of the main landholders in the Munster area.

Youghal is also the site from which Oliver Cromwell – the English head of state during the Protectorate years – left Ireland. During the 17th century, the English Civil War provided the perfect opportunity for Ireland to revolt. During this time, Youghal remained on the side of the English and became an important base for them.

Youghal, el pueblo de Moby Dick (Irlanda)

Youghal was the location of the filming of Moby Dick. In fact, there is a pub of the same name that gained fame as the base for the entire film cast.

Nowadays, the pub has become a place full of Moby Dick memorabilia and a place for tourists.

Alongside the Moby Dick pub, other places to visit in Youghal include Gallery 126 – featuring works by national and international artists – and the Millennium Garden of time.

Although if you visit Ireland in summer, I recommend that the beach is one of your stops.

One of the best things about summer in Ireland is being able to enjoy a good ice cream in any park or beach. The day I visited Youghal there was a fun fair with rides, food stalls and live music. I recommend you check their official website to see if there are any events on your dates.

You can’t leave Youghal without seeing St. Mary’s Collegiate Church, one of the oldest Christian sites in Ireland. It is believed to have been a monastic settlement during the 5th century.

Youghal, el pueblo de Moby Dick (Irlanda)

During my trip to Youghal, I also had the opportunity to visit Youghal International College.

I went in to take my first photograph of this building because I thought it was beautiful. A kind woman spoke to me, told me that they ran English courses in the summer and invited me to see the inside of the college.

Here I found the best views of Youghal, although the climb up to the bell tower was peculiar.

Youghal, el pueblo de Moby Dick (Irlanda)

🍴Where to eat in Youghal

Sweet & Salty is an Italian restaurant located in one of the main streets of Youghal. The average price per person is around 12-14€. The day I ate here, we were accompanied by an Italian au pair and I can assure you that this place made her feel at home.

As a rule, when I travel to a country, I usually try the local food. However, when I was living in Ireland, I used to eat out in all kinds of places.

Youghal, el pueblo de Moby Dick (Irlanda)

📍 Most important places to visit in Youghal Map